Dominick Montie

Dominick had an unusual start into the home building business. After getting his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia, he decided to take a break from academia to “do something entrepreneurial.” He began renovating properties, and for over a decade has focused primarily on new construction of single-family homes – some of his past work is showcased here.

In 2019 he began to recognize the woeful lack of meaningful architecture in the greater Charlottesville area. Looking to nature to find inspiration he couldn’t find in the local built environment, he found it in the formal gardens of Longwood and Chanticleer, the natural gardens of Mt. Cuba Center, and the National Arboretum.

Traveling extensively to find further inspiration, he finally found it in Chicago – the city’s celebration of architecture and design, and the natural beauty of her hundreds of gardens. It was also in Chicago that Dominick first met architect Louis Sullivan, and “together” they launched montie / sullivan in 2019.

Louis H. Sullivan

A permanent resident of Chicago, Mr. Sullivan is the “silent partner” behind the inspiration for our work. During his years of active practice, he produced such varied architecture as The Auditorium in downtown Chicago, the Ryerson Tomb in nearby Graceland Cemetery, and the “jewel box” banks throughout the Midwest.

Mr. Sullivan had an uncompromising drive to create a distinctly American style of architecture, one that reflected American values of independence and self-government.  The defining characteristic of his architecture is a celebration of nature, the defining principle that “forms ever follows function,” and the defining message to “remember the seed-germ.”